Scurry racing is fast, furious, fun and simple to understand. A driver and groom drive their ponies and scurry vehicle through a course of obstacles and hazards – cones with balls on top – in the fastest time possible.

Four penalty seconds are added to their time for every ball they dislodge as they charge through the course.

Sometimes the ball just won't fall!

There are occasions when a driver can have more time added or even be disqualified. Here are the penalties for the 2011 season:


 Dislodging any part of a cone hazard                                      4 seconds

 Driver leaving the vehicle                                                        20 seconds

 Groom leaving the vehicle:

                                             1st time                                              8 seconds

                                             2nd time                                            Disqualification

 Dislodging any parts of a complex hazard, other than

a ball and cone:                           1st time                                   No penalty

                                                      2nd time                                  Disqualification

 For disturbing either the Start or Finish timing                  Disqualification

equipment or flags    

 Starting before the bell has sounded                                  Judge’s discretion –

                                                                                                  Maximum penalty is disqualification.

Neglecting to pass through either the Start or                    Disqualification

the Finish

Not complying with the rules of substitution                     Disqualification

Passing through a hazard already driven without               Disqualification

First obtaining the judge’s approval

Passing through a hazard in advance of the one                 Disqualification

being driven

Passing through a hazard backwards                                  Disqualification

Dislodging a hazard that has not yet been attempted         8 seconds

Passing through or dislodging cones already driven         4 seconds per incident

Misuse of whip                                                                Official warning

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