The scurrying hamster…

Scurry racing got an audience of millions on Sunday, June 12, thanks to Top Gear star Richard Hammond.

The Hamster was presenting a programme about the engineering concepts behind Japan’s 200-mile an hour Bullet train

He wanted to explain that designers used the concept of balance transfer to keep the high-speed train as it negotiated bends at top speed.

Hammond explained that Greek charioteers used to lean out to prevent their carriages overturning and so he turned to the ‘modern-day Ben Hur’, Jeff Osborne to show him how leaning works.

With a twisting scurry course set out in a field near Chepstowe, Jeff gave the Hamster a demonstration.

As climbed into the back seat of the scurry vehicle, Richard asked Jeff: “What will happen if I don’t lean out?”

“We’ll turn over!” replied Jeff. Hammond who appeared to go ashen, blanched even more as groom Alison Tucker told him: “It the wheel comes up, lean out further!”

As Zig & Zag powered around the course, the TV presenter – leaning left and right – screamed to the camera: “I’m sure it looks lovely but it’s really frightening!”

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